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The Artist

Zach Prosser is a contemporary artist residing in Warwick, Rhode Island. He has been creating and experimenting with acrylic paint for 7 years. Zach's journey began with very raw drawings of figures involved in dark scenarios that he created as a tool to cope with anxiety and heartache.  Creating was a therapy that allowed him to let everything out and onto the canvas.  Through his journey he developed techniques which helped defined his own language in the art world.  Each piece created is driven by energy, experimentation, and the emotions he feels throughout the painting.  Zach's work has evolved from abstract ideas of dream-like landscapes, celestial imagery and atmospheric energy, to his most recent work of Vibrant and colorful abstracted floral landscapes. The series pushes the limits of smooth, heavy textures and vivid color gradients to create beauty in the form of movement and energy.  He has expanded his artistic visions and techniques so much that he jumps between series' driven by mood and time of year. Zach is continuing to learn and expand on his style every day as his goal is to always showcase unique and vibrant works that others can reflect on and relate to in their own way. 

Zach is an exhibiting member of the Wickford Art Association.  He has studied with Providence artists Anthony Tomaselli and Bob Dilworth.

Visit the "Events" page for his upcoming shows and festivals.

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