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Capturing Memories

January 17, 2017


      I have awakened and taken several steps away from the darkness only to find that true passion is fueled by that dark place.  It is inside all of us, learn to embrace it. Embrace the journey that you are on to find the true meaning of why you were put here.  

    There have been a few times throughout my artistic journey that I let darkness consume me in a negative way.  In October of 2015 I began slipping away from my creative outlet.  My work was not being noticed or recognized, it was beginning to clutter up my basement, and I had no motivation to take the necessary actions needed to get myself out there and open up to a larger audience.  I was becoming tired and the drive to experiment and reach this next step down the path was quickly crippling.  I felt that my paintings were too dark and negative for anyone to reflect on and relate to.  I began questioning what the point of continuing to paint was.  While I knew that creating this journal of images was helping me mentally, it became overwhelming when the realization came about that I need to share this work with the world and receive criticism from others to advance.  At this point my confidence had diminished and i became just a small spec no different than 95% of the world.  

     I continued to create works of art, at a much slower rate though.  Passion was dying, Experimentation became trying.  I provided myself with distractions such as playing video games, mindlessly watching television, and spending nights out.  Each piece was just a lackluster attempt at overcoming this road block.  It wasn't until February of 2016 that my creativity sparked once more.  

     If I can preach one thing to anybody reading this post, it is get out into the world, visit new places and learn about other cultures.  Even if just a short vacation, travel to a new place and really take in all that surrounds you when you are there.  In February 2016 I traveled to Florida by car.  This was not a first for me however, this was the first time I really took everything in as we traveled through each state along the way.  I made it a priority to journal everything that caught my interest in the 18 hour car ride.  Doodling anything from South of the Border signs in South Carolina to the peanut stands along the countryside roads of Georgia.  These little snippets I was able to record from what seem to be totally different cultures than my own were so fulfilling and inspiring to me.  We arrived at our destination in The Villages, FL after one day of travel. (We stopped overnight in a Marriott in North Carolina).  The Villages were a whole new world to me; Traveling the streets watching hundreds of people driving by on golf carts.  Each house, a separate garage to hold a golf cart.  People loading groceries into golf carts.  Golf carts everywhere.  We resided at the home of friends who have become regulars to this culture. (Yes they had a golf cart).  They shared stories about living in this beautiful community and gave us a tour of the area, you guessed it, by golf cart.  The entire city gave off such relaxing and laid back vibrations.  It filled my mind and my soul with inspiration and the doodles i was journaling turned into very detailed drawings over the next few days of my vacation.  

     The rest of my time in Florida was spent visiting family, going to Universal and Disney Springs, and relaxing beach side in Del Ray and Fort Lauderdale. I put time aside to draw my travels and views that I took in each of the fourteen days there.  Coming home full of inspiration, motivation, and positive vibes really fueled my creativity and I began to get back into my groove.  My travels opened up my mind and allowed me to make it to that next step in my artistic journey.

     Travel, Travel, Travel.  It is the most beneficial soul food...


                                                                                                                               -Zach Prosser


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