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January 13, 2017


      Every day from morning until night, or until my eyes focus on a blank canvas, I am looking for ideas in both my surroundings and my subconscious mind.  Creating, from as far back as I can recall, has always been a necessity...


     I've always been a creator.  St. Augustine's Catholic School in Providence, RI was my grammar school (K-8th grade).  If notebook doodling was a legitimate class I would have passed with flying colors!  Unfortunately that was not the case, however we did have art class...only a couple days a week.  My art teacher, Mrs. Sharrock, was my idol at the time. She would give us new projects to work on every week and it was everything from Bean Collages to Paper Mache heads to simple perspective drawings.  By the time i was in seventh grade I was hanging out in Mrs. Sharrock's classroom almost everyday.  Whether it be just to sit and chat or to work on a drawing, I'd be there at lunch, between classes, and occasionally after school.  I remember only few drawings that i created my few years before making the big transition into high school.  An antique car being one.  A vivid memory runs through my mind of sitting at my lunch table with this toy car in front of me, and i spent about two days drawing it.  It was nothing fantastic, nor was any of my early drawings, but this car drawing opened the flood gates to a world of creativity.  I was recreating any objects i could get my hands on.  I was recreating images of famous singers and actors.  In 8th grade the majority of my work represented The Beatles.  


     I idolized this band for many years; still do.  Their music speaks to my soul and their words vibrate in my heart.  I recall listening to them in my mother's car going to and from school.  I recall laying on my bed on a summer day with my windows open, their music playing out of my boombox at maximum volume.  By freshman year of high school I had obtained all of their CD's, all of their DVD's, any books i could find about them, and a variety of memorabilia from mugs to wallets to vintage playing cards.   The obsession was real but i continue to embrace the memories as i look into the two curio cabinets full of Beatles merchandise that I have to this day.  


     High school began and I entered the most cloudy and confusing part of my life so far.  In just four short (never-ending at the time) years I encountered emotions that I never knew existed prior.  Freshman year took me through a journey of friendships, first loves, new this, new that, new everything.  I loved this new world that i had entered full of new faces, bigger corridors, and a MUCH bigger cafeteria.  Creativity took on a new form in these years to come.  Drawing took a back seat as i began pursuing the art of music.  Mr. Morrison is the band director of North Providence High School.  He is one of my idols.  The first day I walked into band class I knew he was a being full of knowledge and inspiration.  I would look for any excuse I could find to hang out in his band room.  I don't think I've annoyed any teacher in my life more than I annoyed him.  He was always there to talk though.  Band was a coping method for the depression i was developing.  In the darkest point of my life, that band room was one of the few lights that illuminated my darkness.  


     I thank my parents, who are my idols, for offering guidance and love through everything i have gone through and for sticking by me through my journey of becoming an artist.


     Without idols, without people to look up to, and without guidance, I would not be the artist that i am today...

                                                                                                                                -Zach Prosser

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