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An Artist's Life

January 13, 2017


     As I sit in front of my computer, contemplating what to make my very first blog post about, many questions run through my head. What does a quality blog consist of? What is the secret to keeping the viewer's attention? What should I write? What should i write??

     As I sit in front of my computer, contemplating what to make my very first blog post about, I realize that writing is no different than painting. 


     Painting did not come naturally for me. I didn't just decide to pick up a paint brush one day and create a beautiful piece of art that would be remembered for centuries.  If that was the case my journey would have ended before it even started. It took me years-- 2 to be exact...so far-- to find my own unique language in this rapidly growing world of art.  2 years of doubting myself, 2 years of finding influences to keep going, 2 years of questioning why I'm so dedicated to this journey that has no definitive answers. I've spent 2 years finding myself through creativity.  I'm 22 years old.  As badly as I want to see my path laid out in front of me, that luxury will never exist.  The only option I have; the only option any of us have is to create our own path.  We decide our course and progress onward through mistakes, critcism, and passion; only to view this progress we've made through the rear view mirror.  With that being said I pray that my first blog post will not be the greatest story ever written.  I pray that with each post I will gain knowledge and techniques to develop my own creative equation as I have done with my paintings.  I pray that this is the next step on my infinitely growing path.


     I'm laying on my bed, meditative music playing through my iPhone to clear my mind of any distractions.  The brightness of my laptop illuminates the immediately surrounding area of my room. The only other light comes from a nightlight in a far corner next to my bureau.  I can just barely see my keyboard as I am typing.  I am preparing for sleep, only to awaken at Four AM tomorrow morning in preparation for my part time job at Ocean State Job Lot.  The job is repetitive and boring... A perfect scenario to think.  Think about concepts that i can turn into paintings, think about how large i want my next piece to be, think about colors.  Colors are the most important aspect of an artist's work.  They represent not only the artist's emotions but also how the viewer will feel and reflect consciously and subconsciously. When i am calm I visualize coral blues and shades of pink.  When i am angry I visualize reds, often mixed with grey and black.  When I am anxious, just black. I plan to discuss that more in depth in a future post, but to stay on track, orange makes me think of... Home Depot. Home Depot is my full time job, the job that has taught me hard work and dedication will always pay off.  "Shoot for the moon, you'll land among the stars." I will continue to passionately drive toward my dream of being a well known artist, but if I don't make it I will always bleed orange and manage my own store. 


     Every day from morning until night, or until my eyes focus on a blank canvas, I am looking for ideas in both my surroundings and my subconscious mind.  Creating, from as far back as I can recall, has always been a necessity...

                                                                                                                        -Zach Prosser

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